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Welcome to an energy based system of being well.


Through the use of muscle testing or biofeedback, a kinesiologist is skilled at communicating with your energy body.

This means you are seen, heard and not limited by a view that your mind/body is equivalent to the sum of all parts.

Infact, Kinesiology is quite the opposite. You are not merely a collection of parts, cells, organs, glands, bone, tissue, fascia etc..- You are a UNIQUE, functioning being with your own thoughts and experiences, own challenges, skills and limits. This makes you unique, and your needs unique.

Kinesiologists 'talk' through muscle testing to find any physical, emotional, biochemical 'glitch' may be and then also what to do about it. You are an active participant in this process.

It is a great way to find balance again, in any aspect of your life, your learning, your nervous system health, digestive or hormonal health. 


Have you maintained your energy systems?

People ask, "So what can you use Kinesiology for ?".. My response is; It is a healing system of the bodies energy systems. Energy and how it works in your body controls the function of every single cell. So apart from your spiritual being, what in your mind/body is not fundamentally a cell? " Well then, thats what kinesiology can work for.

But, Don't take my word for it..  Hear from her clients!