Client Testimonials 

This is a collection of the feedback I have received via sms or email from my clients. All feedback is online with permission.

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Tara W 03/21/2017 Life saver!

I was at my wits end with my 3 year old daughter when I took her to Meagan. Meagan was so calm and extremely patient with my daughter and never rushed through our appointments even when my daughter was being difficult. She now enjoys going without a issue thanks to Meagan. Great communication skills with children and adults. Thank you Meagan you saved my life and my relationship with my daughter!


Amanda F 12/04/2016 All round help for my whole family.

Meagan has been a godsend in helping me manage early menopause and hormone related symptoms. She is fantastic with my children and has helped them with anxiety, and even toilet training . We all seem less aggitated and the children are happier and their confidence is growing each day.


Sam R 06/22/2014 Scared to excited

My daughter refused to go to her first appointment. Telling me she was going to super glue her feet to our house. I couldn't beleive the change in her after leaving Megan. She said, I loved it mum and I want to come back. Megan was so calming and encouraging with her that she was really interested it how it all worked. So looking forward to more changes in my daughter from Megan talents.


Sam R 12/20/2014 We Love Meagan

Our family has been battling for peace for 8 long years. We have been seeing Meagan for a while and the whole family has had treatments. Meagan has helped us become a calmer family. My daughter is so comfortable with her that when her anxiety has gotten high all she wants to do is get to Meagan. Allowing her to write Meagan a quick email late at night is what has calmed her down. We are so blessed to have Meagan in our lives.

Peta J 07/06/2014 Excited

Will is very positive about his first visit with you, he particulary enjoyed his sister Hayley joining in they have been giggling about it over the weekend, and want to do more. Thankyou.


Louise H 11/04/2014 Byron looked very relaxed!

Thank you for being so kind to Byron. He was very relaxed & comfortable in your care. I liked the picture you did to explain everything to him. We look forward to coming back!


Kylie A 10/01/2014 A calmer boy.

Very interesting and calming for my little man. I have seen after one visit so far a happier, calmer little boy. I even learnt more about my Son. Looking forward to even more improvement. Thank you Megan.


Julie S 11/09/2014 Restored my bowel balance

I had the right side of my colon removed because of cancer 8 years ago, and have been struggling to maintain a healthy diet. I couldn't eat certain foods and some made me feel sick.
After having a kinesiology session with Meagan and identifying what was needed, I am now eating anything I want and enjoying the food that I eat. Meagan is amazing at what she does.


helen c 11/16/2013

so worth whileIt was a great experience. We tell our kids to keep trying hard but we dont realise that they are already trying harder than necessary.So simple yet so important


Deb G 03/14/2014 Kinesiology allergy testing with Meagan

Kinesiology allergy testing with Meagan was so easy for me and a real eye opener to discover the things that are causing a stress response in my body. I can now eliminate those things that don't agree with my body and feel better and look forward to becoming healthier. Thanks Meagan!


Bettina C 05/04/2014 No more sleepless nights!

My son started sleeping through all night after only his second treatment!
Thank you Meagan for your caring, positive, calming nature. We always leave and return with big smiles!


Angela H 09/21/2014 life changing

lI earnt so much from Maegan at my first appointment and I am now inspired and completely motivated to start making the small changes to improve my health and wellness. This treatment/therapy is exactly what I needed. Thank you Maegan :)

Amanda C 03/23/2014 So good to come back

It was lovely to have a follow up with Megan after almost 6mths. You are always helpful, calming and encouraging to both Stella and myself. Stella feels secure in your presents which is only more reassure to me. I love the new space and look forward to building on from where we started.


Amanda C 11/10/2014 Treatment for my daughters

As always, Meagan is very supportive of all in her care and worked so well with my eldest daughter that I have just started having my youngest see her.
Helping our families health and wellbeing is something Meagan truly cares about.
Just one treatment and my youngest is calmer.


Amanda C 12/05/2014 The most powerful experience in my life.

Want to know your full potential? Then a session with Meagan will show you your path.
Words do not express how my session changed my life.
Thank you !!!!