A bit about One Health and Wellness

Specialised Kinesiologist, Intuitive Energy Healer,
N.O.T & N.L.K,& reg. Holistic Practitioner

One Health and Wellness, or OHW for short, was created from the passion I felt to have place for people to go to, when they are ready to experience something different. Why? well, when you seek out alternative health care you are generally looking for an alternative to what?.. simply, to what either hasn't worked for you, or doesn't seem right for you or your family, thus far.

Energetic healing is also not a one stop shop. But, it can also be the tool to help you find exactly what you need as a careteam to support what you are trying to achieve.


It's where you enjoy coming to. Where you get trusted advice, knowledgeable care, and personal support.


It's here for the community providing solutions and supporting you on your personal path to Health & Wellness.

I like to aim to provide ongoing e-communication which provides you FREE information, for you and your family. Please REGISTER to keep up to date with research, news and celebrations or events.


Now, if you are a client of mine and you'd like to share your experience with others, I would love to hear it and share it!                                                                                                                   Email to : Admin@OneHealthandWellness.com.au


Not sure what therapy you need?  No worries, we can figure that out together!

Contact us to discuss your needs, obligation free.