I Love what I do!. And am so grateful that I get to say that.

It was Confucious who said, "Find what you love, and you will never work a day in your life!", and that is certainly what led me to return to study, whilst working full time and having 4 children.. yes it was crazy, but I was well supported and really loved learning...I still do!

 To share what I love about my work, would be to tell you what it is like to feel the warm sun on your face, on a cold winters day.

Whether through change to someones physical health, mental health, emotional wellbeing... gee so many things that have made peoples lives better in some way. Some big, some small, but all important to the individual.

Nothing gives me greater joy than seeing these moments.

I view my role quite simply..  To listen, be guided by what I hear, what I see and feel, and to apply the skill and techniques that your body innately knows it needs to help you to facilitate change.

I am blessed to have acquired many skills and techniques from skilled teachers and clinicians with many more years experience then myself. These skills have been created and developed over the past 30+years, or in some cases 1000+ years, to improve health, provide awareness, shape behaviour and support you through change, with the versatile and powerful tools available through the modality of Kinesiology.

I combine these set of tools and my personally developed RSA method to provide you knowledge, skills and a unique experience.

This is a short list of the types of changes I have witnessed ;

* Beginning a life without pain,

* moving ahead from depression and PTSD 

* happiness, less stress, less anxiety,

* change in coping skills either with Family, work or partner in life,

* children making sense of their world, improving their focus and concentration abilities, achieving more than they ever thought they could;

* graduating through learning difficulty & learning to love learning! (Yes it can happen:)

* Improved sporting performance;

* Improved digestion;

* Improved sleep;

* Reduction of inflammatory conditions;

*Changed hormonal related symptoms, in women and teens.

* Reduction in peri-menopausal symptoms, and transition awareness

* Increased movement 

* Identification of factors that reduce energy, and reduction in lethargy


Live Life to the Full.. You deserve happiness to be a part of your every day so you can take part in the many great things you are put on this earth to do and experience.  


If you are unsure if this can help you, please feel free to call or contact me through the Contact Us form, and discuss - no obiligation. 

My training includes; Bachelor Arts/Psych,  Cert. Proj. Management, CertIV Kinesiology, TFH, NeuroLinguistic Kinesiology Practitioner Cert., Sabotage and Goal Setting, Herbs for Kinesiologists, Primitive Relflexes, Rythmic Movement Therapy, Brain Gym, Neuro-Organisational Technique (NOT) 1-3, Sound Therapist, International Holistic Practitioner, with an interest in the teachings of Carl Jung and psychodynamic theory.

Meagan Kerr

Specialised Kinesiologist (Dual registered: ATMS and AKA),

As a Kinesiologist our training and learning is truely never done. Plus I would never want to stop learning.

I am a registered Level 5 Specialised Professional Kinesiologist with the Australian Kinesiology Association. I have attended additional post grad training in Primitive reflexes, Neuro-Organisational Techniques L1-3, Master NICE Training, Neuro Linguistic Kinesiology to Level 6 Practitioner. Sabotage Clearing and goal enhancement, Shell essences, Bach flowers, Nutritional Herbs, Practitioner Holistic Health and Nutrition, Synergy Sound Therapy training,.

Other studies include: Bach.Arts (psych & IT); Herbs for kinesiologists;  Sound therapist, Grad. Cert. Project Management (AIPM) Rhythmic Movement Therapy, Brain Gym, Touch For Health Proficiency, Certificate in Personal Nutrition. Carl Jung & Psychodynamic Theory, MINDD foundation practitioner training.


Currently Meagan is looking forward to her first book launch scheduled Nov 2021,  celebrating the first year of One Health College and launching more courses and workshops through 2021