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Life Tracks

 Full day workshop

10:30am to 4:30pm

Cost $95

2020  Dates

Currently on hold

Life Tracks workshop is about checking in if you are on the right tracks. In 2020 I am scheduling these workshops to the lunar calendar, so our goals and intentions are set with the benefit of timing to the new moon.

We have many tracks we walk through life, the path of provider, partner, child, parent, leader, follower; we use these tracks to live our life to the fullest!

This course allows you to check in with all of these, evaluate, re-evaluate and reset your intentions for your life tracks.

This workshop will test you.

It will arm you with tools to creating a track to fullfilment, clarity & joy in everyday living.


      - All course notes and workbook

       -Creation of a Vision board  and/or audio narrative for the tracks ahead.


All materials are supplied and morning and afternoon tea is provided. Bring your own lunch or purchase at nearby cafes.

A deposit of $40 is required to hold your place.

Places are limited.


Kinesiology Course

2020 Dates: Currently on hold

    Level 1 - 

Level 2 - 

Cost is $150 per Level 

Levels 1 must be completed to progress to Level 2.

No prior knowledge of energetic healing is required.

This is a general interest course only.

Repeaters half price.

Would you like to know some tools and techniques from energetic healing to use on yourself and your family?             

Home-nesiology is for individuals who are a little more curious and willing to venture into learning.

This is a short course designed to give you clear set of tools to use in everyday life.

The tools you will learn will be for management of pain, headaches, stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, healthy digestion and much more.

So much content to share, that this course is broken down into Level 1 and Level 2.

The additional content in Level 2 equips you to utilise more tools, gain more knowledge of the energetic principles and pathways.

Total Cost $300, broken down into Level 1 and Level 2, being $150 per level.

A $40 deposit is required to hold your place and this course is subject to minimum of 4 ppl to run. Should the minimum not be met your deposit will be refunded.

Home Grown


10:30am to 1:30pm

Cost $45

2020 Dates

currently on hold

Home Grown herbal teaches you to find the most common and useful plants right from your own yard.

Some you might even be calling a weed!

This is a hands on class.

You will touch, feel taste and smell awakening your senses as you learn how to make a fresh tea, an infusion, a poultice, compress and more.

All the herbs used are locally sourced, and have the healing properties you need.

Whether anti-inflammatory, constipation, diarrhoea, nausea and more. You don't have to spend large $$ to have effective herbal treatments for you and your family.

Come and learn how!

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