This is a page of the workshops we have created to bring our community together and promote bringing Happiness, Health and Presence to your life.

So join us, for learning, laughter and many many smiley faces.

All events can be booked online through the Online Booking page


This is a fun workshop collab. with Sharon Flynn, experienced Artist, interior designer and Art teacher. Offering different artistic styles she offers the absolute beginner and experienced person the confidence and reassurance of her years of wisdom and teaches in a beautiful personal way.. This workshop also includes a image scan of your personal Auric Energy Field, gives you information about you and you get to experience an attunement of the Auric energy.. A truely unique combination that makes for an amazing experience.


KIDS & TEENS - Calm? Listening?

This workshop is a collab. with REAL Mum and Holistic Nutritionist Kate Gray - Kate brings with her wealth of knowledge on nutritional and holistic support to help you the REAL parent find ways to get the good stuff in or even to find it on the supermarket shelves.

To decipher whats the good stuff to lift that mood, create calmer happier beings, even to help them focus and concentrate! Seriously magic !!! Kate is a REAL asset to One Health College and her approach and experience make her so successful in her practice.


Cookies & Connection

This workshop is gonna leave you on that HIGH.. The Sugar High! It is a fun collab. with Fiona from SugarArt Co and her absolutely scrumptious cookies. She teaches us the how-to of creating beautiful Sugar Art that will look to good to eat! This is also an opportunity to connect with your community of likeminded OneHealth-ers, as we discuss all things energy medicine.


Let's Work Together

Do you have a creative talent that you would like to share with our community? I'd love to connect with you to discuss a future collaboration - Connect with me!