Gently removing what is toxic from your cells promoting healthy youthfullness

Currently only available at the Hawkesbury Clinic in Glossodia.

This Dual Ionic foot spa is a patented detoxification system. Utilising your bodys' healing mechanisms, through its detox channels or pathways your body uses to eliminate disease and toxins.

Nobel prize in Chemistry 2003, was awarded to Peter Agne and Roderick McKinnon for the 'discovery of water channels', both 'structural and mechanistic ion channels'. (


However, the ancient Chinese, Romans and Egyptians as far back as 2000BC documented use of foot spa therapies to promote health and wellbeing.

The Dual Ionic foot spa utilizes the bodies ionic detoxification channels. The Array or ionizer periodically reverses the polarity of ions and these move through the cellular pathways creating +ve and -ve Ions.


The movement of the ions through the skins permeable layer into the cells of your body, transports through cell walls releasing oil, acid, fat, heavy metals and other waste products, eliminating them.

Below is an example. Image permission from Dual Ionic.